Illuminate the unknown



We assist our clients in developing and aggregating data and technologies for business intelligence, data science, and other analytic users. As former users with a deep knowledge of analytic technologies, we provide clients with detailed evaluations, recommendations, and tailored training of their capabilities - maximizing integration, feasibility, and usability, and solidifying Seafront as a trusted corporate partner as they evolve and scale.



We are ready to assist with private and public sector technical integration efforts including Enterprise and SaaS offerings, which require expert level client engagement, product feature and analytic services development, tailored technical and methodological training POIs, instructional delivery, process implementation, and account management. 


We provide our clients the assistance needed to assess and validate open source data and technologies whose use has critical real-world implications. Our approach highlights the importance of coupling proven analytic methodologies with available technologies. This ensures organizations are aware of changing offerings, how they fit into their ecosystem, and whether they comply with organizational implementation and use standards.

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